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June 30, 2014


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Journal Entry: Mon Jun 30, 2014, 10:14 AM

Sometimes browsing the starseed tags online makes me sick. Same with the hippie tags.
Some days I feel completely alone.
Am I really the only starseed who does not believe I am being "Called" by some 'higher entity' to "fulfill my destiny as an emissary for the universe"? Am I the only starseed who is not a tall, pale-skinned, gangly, large-eyed humanoid space-traveler with advanced technology? Am I the only starseed who does not believe I am more important or more special than anyone else (because, y'know, helping humanity is humanity's duty too, and we should not be rewarding ourselves for something that we should be doing anyways)?
Am I the only hippie/flowerchild who understands and accepts that life isn't always ~love and light, butterflies and rainbows~? Am I the only hippie pagan who knows that being connected to nature isn't always about crystals and wearing flowers in your hair? Am I the only hippie who doesn't need to be a vegan or even a vegetarian to be connected to nature and my humanity?

Those are all rhetorical questions, by the way.

There. This is my thoughtful journal of the day. :P

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RemedyTheMelody Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Well since this is a oldish journal but I hope you don't mind me giving my thoughts on it :)

I bet many starseeds seem/think that they are higher entity, fullfill a destiny. For those who are the
"pale-skinned, gangly, large-eyed humanoid space-traveler with advanced technology"  Maybe there is a little to much of those or some are Role players or even misunderstand of their kin, etc.

I too beilive I'm not important/special then others. Your right about helping humanity .. that is one of the main problems with this earth. Becuase everyone is special in their own way but should not put it in a way that shows them that they are more important/special.

You don't have to be connected to  nature by wereing flowers and having crystals.  You are right on what you Have said OtherworldlyHippie. I agree with you.
Cosmic-Doop Featured By Owner Edited Jun 30, 2014  Student General Artist
Yeah, i understand really, because though my home has technology, it being high-tech really into somethings thats all over that world, if anything we prefer the vast emptiness of a desert (aswell as the history of our past that they hold)  or the shade that our "world trees" and other large trees provide, if i remember correctly, we even had cities and buildings among the trees on many of the world islands, about 75 of the planets population's lifestyles ranges from small nomadic/tribal villages to large cities with technology smiler to a small city here on earth has, so most of us live wile and quaint lives,  and the people there are actually beings that have animal features and forms, weather its fuzzy feathery or scaly, and hell, i think even aquatic. there are many other things i can go on about, but its not really the time or place yet haha

but yeah, even to this day and as far as i know really i dont really have a calling or purpose, but rather just so keep safe and busy, just  to be a sort of nomadic type being really, looking to learn all i can, soak up knowledge just for that sake of keeping me and my mind busy, something to think about, something to do! and really, its exciting, to think theres so much out there to understand, its a thrill and it keeps me happy because learning and traveling have been things that throughout my live both when i was there and am here, have been the two things that ive always knows and seem to take to instinctively both subconsciously and consciously 
WhiteMoon11 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
You said it!! You are not alone!! I understand how you feel! Peace, Love and Happiness Mediate, Avatar
The-Deadly-Wrath Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Same with everyone else! You're not the only one Kani
starseedSpiritualist Featured By Owner Edited Jun 30, 2014  Student General Artist
Same with the other comments.

My species are also tall, and the skin colour varies on the grayscale, our technologies are a mix between medieval and futurized but we too aren't all about love, light, rainbows and butterflies. Our kind mainly lives in darkness, the night is what keeps us alive. And even though we remain a neutral species to other races, it was chaotic civil war with ourselves as variants clashed. And being different myself with a rare DNA structure it was a struggle, like survival of the fittest. It wasn't a peaceful kind of thing back then. Why I attach myself to happier things now like rainbows and stuff like that is because to me they make me happy, they keep me happy seeing how I struggle with a lot of things in my day to day life. They're just small things that make my day brighter.

As for meat eating and vegan stuff, I can't really put a comment to it, seeing how I was a species that consumed energy rather than other species. So for now I'm just kind of like: "both are good for this body as long as I eat healthy, I should be happy, right?"

As for a purpose, it all depends on the person really I guess. For myself, I'm not all that sure anymore what it was about. Maybe for expansionism, to find other life, maybe it was a test or an experiment, or maybe it is to help others here in Earths ascension. I don't know anymore. But I just take it a day at a time and enjoy my life here and who I am physically and spiritually.
NatakuXeden Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're not alone, dear Kani.  I would fail terribly at that whole "fulfill my destiny as an emissary for the universe" crap. I don't believe I have a specific destiny in the here and now of my life. My only goal is to live, learn, enjoy it and die without regret. I think I'm too selfish a person to give much of a shit about how other people live their lives, let alone govern themselves. Besides, if I actually gave a shit to 'help' things, it would probably take the tones of what I'm used to, and Battle Royal style stuff is only okay in movies nowadays. I think the idea of me being some political alien would be... hilarious.

On another note, the whole "
tall, pale-skinned, gangly, large-eyed humanoid space-traveler with advanced technology" thing creeps me the fuck out. Too sterile, too lanky, too freaking creepy. Where is their fur?! lol But seriously though... that sort of thing immediately prompts a very not-nice reaction from me. I think maybe it's just the difference between coming from a tribal race in a place stuck in the equivalent of the Dark Ages, but 'futuristic' things like that creep me the hell out. I'd say "no offense to anyone who is" but I gave my last fuck earlier today, so I just really don't care who I offend on the internet anymore.

Lastly, I don't associate as a hippie because I'm personally against weed. That doesn't mean I'm against people who like it, it actually means that I have some sort of allergy to the smell/smoke and it causes my throat to close up. So I avoid it. It's gotten me called a prude too many times, so I've developed a dislike in general for close-minded people that think the world is all pot and flowers and rainbows. There are strong messages, when used in the right ways, that are associated with hippie culture, and I think that it's both powerful and wonderful... for the right people. Sadly, most of the people I see lately that conform to the stereotype are doing just that: conforming to a stereotype that's become a fad. People should be able to experiment and see where they belong, but jumping in head first and preaching things you don't understand should earn someone a swift kick in the rear so hard they taste fake shoe leather.

TLDR: I think that pop culture and the "I was (blank) before it was cool" hipster crap are partly to blame for the sudden movement towards this new obsession with spiritual identities that seems to have become a fad lately. People are trying to find themselves, but more than that, they're trying to out do each other in some weird "who is more unique" battle. Nowadays saying you're different doesn't get you excluded as much... nope, nowadays, it makes you "cool." And the weirder you are, the more your peers adore you - and want to out do you. It's a vicious cycle created by this crappy teen generation that's coming into themselves. Personally, I think that if any of these young people claiming such crazy shit had been through any hardships as children, they'd be more appreciative of their individuality and not take up fads so readily. It's yet another reason why I think parents should beat the crap out of discipline their unruly brats.
starseedSpiritualist Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Student General Artist
No offense taken from me at all! And you make some pretty valid points there!
NatakuXeden Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks. I think I'm just starting to dislike most people lately, which is probably due to yet another (more recent) betrayal by someone I trusted. I think being bitter at people makes me less hopeful for the world in general. On the plus side, it brings out the sarcasm in me more. Somehow I seem to gain more watchers every time I stop censoring myself and just bitch and be a total asshole. WTF is that? lol

Seriously, though, people need to get their shit together. Fads are alright as ways to experiment, but the difference is deduction and confidence. Some people make up so many lies that the believe them after a while. Scary thought, that. 
InannaEloah Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know the questions are all rhetorical, but I still want to answer them anyway with a resounding, "NO, you're not."  :) 

Though I have to be honest here and say that yes, I'm a tall pale-skinned being with advanced technology (or at least we had it a long time ago) with amazing-sauce powers and shit like that, but aside from that, I'm rarely a "love and light, rainbows and butterflies" type.  Most of the time, that kind of stuff makes me want to puke. 

Oh, and I'm an obligate carnivore, and at least somewhat cold-blooded... some of the less lovely aspects of being a so-called "Albino White Draco Reptilian" (it should be Leucistic, really, not Albino, given that my hair and eyes have rather vibrant colors to them).  So I actually am quite offended when people go on about my somehow having to be vegan (which would kill me if I did it for any real length of time) just so I can be more attuned to nature and so on.  If you ask me, most of the 'to be spiritual you must be a vegetarian' stuff is more about the dominance of a particular morality than spirituality. 

As for purpose... yanno, it's funny, but if I have a purpose, whatever powers that dictate what that purpose is sure are taking their own sweet time to let me know what it is I'm allegedly supposed to do.   :roll:
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